Why use CPS Finance

CPS Finance saves you time and provide you with choice. We handle the paperwork, communication and negotiation associated with finance. We work for you, not the banks. We are a free service for you and we are experts in dealing with lenders. We will get you the best rates and best loan to suit your needs both now and your future. We are passionately committed.


We understand that time is of critical importance. We will be responsive to your needs, get you fast approvals and take up little of your precious time. We will ensure the loans we recommend always meet your needs. We will challenge banks and lenders because we work for you. You are our top priority. We will do all this at no cost to you. That’s what we call Performance.


We care about finance. We are passionate about our customers. We will help you get the right deal so you can realise your dreams. Our brokers are able to work for you regardless of where you live. Regardless of where you are buying within Australia, we have you covered.


We don’t have our own product to sell, which means we are committed to getting you the product that best suits your needs. And at the best price. There is no hidden agenda. Because we are not part of a large chain, we have time to care. We have experience. We are a personal service and we pride ourselves on our reputation. Our commitment is second to none.