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Migrating capital? Should I move my money to a better performing market?

What happens when a real estate market stops performing? Do you leave the money there to stagnate, or do you move it to a better market? Money Migration – what is it?

In 2003, the Perth market was booming. Properties were selling for as little as $200,000. Within just three years, property values doubled! Many people enjoyed fantastic profits… but then the market plateaued. Investors had the choice of sticking with … Read more »

How to find suburbs with boom potential

For investors, finding that golden opportunity to invest in a suburb before it booms is the holy grail.

So, how can you predict if a suburb will have boom potential?

In order for a suburb to boom it must have:

Potential for better-than-average capital growth over the next five years
Be undervalued
Have a median house/unit price that is affordable for most first-home buyers

What determines Capital Growth?

The potential for capital growth is based on a … Read more »