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6 essential factors to choose the best apartment when investing

Many Australians today are going into apartment investing due to its high success rate on returns. Although this is true, it does not necessarily ensure your success. There are certain variables you need to take into account so that you minimise any risk on your investment.

Despite there being many, the following fundamental factors will serve you incredibly in determining whether an apartment is lucrative or not.

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The hidden opportunity of investing in a granny flat

The notion of investing in a granny flat has previously been fairly uncommon. Typically, they are regarded as just an extra addition to an already finished home. Despite this, the opportunity that lies dormant for anyone to take advantage of is very real. Granny flats are an excellent and affordable opportunity to invest in when you know what you’re doing, and can generate quite a bit of income…. Read more »

Thinking about purchasing a property with someone else?

Often-times, especially in today’s market, purchasing a property with someone is a common thought to have, due to financial stresses.

Right now you may be on the fence as to whether to move out solo or with another individual. Consider these options for the latter.

Tenants in Common

Ideal for individuals who don’t want equal ownership, ‘Tenants in Common’ depend upon the agreed shares of each party … Read more »