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Mortgage holders: What to do when your fortune changes

After being at record lows for some time, interest rates may soon be back on the rise with Westpac, Commonwealth Bank, NAB and ANZ increasing their rates for all mortgage holders.

Mortgage holders may find themselves with mortgages that cost more than expected but there are some things you can do to ready yourself when rates rise, such as refinancing, budgeting and insurances.

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6 things that can go wrong with property investing – and how to avoid them

No investment is risk free, so the more you know about the less glamorous aspects of being a property owner, the more likely you are to recover if things go wrong.

Understanding how to manage the various risks associated with being a landlord enables you to make the most of your portfolio.

If you’re prepared for all outcomes, small bumps in the road won’t knock you out of the game. Lisa Indge shares her … Read more »

The buy-and-hold strategy explained

The buy-and-hold property investment strategy is the most commonly used among Australian investors due to its simplicity, passive nature and reduced risk compared to other strategies.

Adam Grocke at Smart Property Investment explains the investment strategy.

A buy-and-hold property investment strategy requires less investment knowledge, less risk and less deposit, making it a great entry level investment. The key to this strategy is to simply purchase a property and retain it until you have … Read more »