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6 tips to maximise your rental return

To keep a grounded view of the market and ensure you don’t lose quality tenants, consider following some simple steps to maximise your rental returns.

One step is to regularly review your rents and ensure they are at market levels, while giving tenants ample prior notice of rental increases. This will assist you in keeping your tenants content living in your investment property.

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What is a yield?

Before starting to look seriously at a property, most investors work out the yield on the property to see if it makes their shortlist. Although some investors buy property for other reasons – such as land banking, infrastructure potential or lifestyle reasons – most are mainly concerned with its current return and potential yield.

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10 renovations which quickly add value

When you start thinking about selling your property, it’s common to consider renovating. Renovating to increase the value of your home can be tricky, and costly. You don’t want to overspend on things that won’t increase value, or under deliver in the areas and rooms that really matter.
Here are 10 easy renovation ideas that instantly increase your property’s value, including painting your interior and updating your patio.
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Unit block in Sydney

Tapping into your hidden wealth

Equity offers investors a golden opportunity to leverage profits from one property into a deposit for a new purchase. As the value of your property increases, the equity you build becomes a resource to help you create long-term wealth and security through investment.

The amount of equity you have in your property is the difference between its market value and the amount of any mortgage finance secured against the property.

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Is it time to refinance?

Is now the time to refinance?

The big four banks have increased home loan interest rates, and now most other lenders have followed their lead. So is now the time to refinance?

Gone are the days when people would get a home loan and stay with the same lender for the full 25 or 30-year loan term. In Australia, the average homeowner changes their loan every four to five years because people continually seek a better deal.

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