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Speculating vs investing?

There are many ways to make money from property. How you go about it will depend on whether you are a speculator or an investor.

The difference is usually in the timing.

I’m not talking about timing of the market where you buy at the bottom and sell at the top, (as if you can ever accurately pick those times anyway). No, I’m talking about you … Read more »

Brisbane On The Cusp Of A Once-In-A-Generation Boom

Brisbane-based property developer and media entrepreneur Adam Di Marco has made a compelling case for the Brisbane’s future prospects.  The Urban Developer insists that property investors “get in early” when it comes to the Brisbane market.

There is an unprecedented amount of infrastructure projects currently underway in Brisbane. Amongst these include Queen’s Wharf, Howard Smith Wharves and the Brisbane Airport duplication. Di Marco urged the industry to look beyond the traditional media … Read more »

A fair go for first home buyers

The NSW Government has developed a new package of measures designed to improve housing affordability across NSW.
1. 75,000 new homes are expected to be built across Sydney in the next financial year, which is double the long-term average of 40,000, and Councils are under even more pressure to rezone more land for housing as part of the state government’s determination to increase the supply of new homes in the city.

2. Not … Read more »

How to secure a mortgage

You hear about people getting mortgage loans all the time, in fact, it seems to be the most talked about subject when it comes to buying a house and is spoken about in very casual manner. Unfortunately, this perspective can lead us not to know the first thing about mortgage loans and leads us to assume that it just “happens”.

The fact is, to secure a mortgage … Read more »

Tax Benefits for SMSF Lending

There are a number of advantages to holding property inside an SMSF, as opposed to owning it in your own name.

1. Concessional tax on rental income
Where you hold an investment property in your own name, tax will broadly be payable based on your personal rate of tax, which could be as high as 46.5%. Similarly, if you were to hold an investment property through a company, the tax rate is … Read more »

Retiring with investment property

What to consider when purchasing a house and land package

House and land packages tend to stir up emotions in buyers because of the colorful advertising that is usually posted up on the side of roads for the world to see.

Unfortunately, these feelings can cloud our judgment; the following are crucial considerations that you must make before purchasing a house and land package.


Ensure that before any major decision, you do your research and find out how … Read more »

Saving for your first deposit?

How to save for your first deposit

Whether you’re saving for your first home or first investment, there are clever ways to reach your goal. Purchasing your first property will be both challenging and rewarding. Throughout the process it’s important to keep your goal at the forefront of your mind to stay motivated. Maintaining focus from the outset will help you stay on track, and avoid distraction. Here are a few tips to save for your first … Read more »