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How to pick the right tenant for your investment property

You’ve got a great investment property, you love it and you want it to be loved and cared for by the people who live there, right? Seems straightforward enough, but choosing the right tenant for your investment property isn’t always easy. It’s a decision that needs to be carefully and fairly executed.

So who is your ideal tenant? Simply someone that pays rent on time? To have … Read more »

Blue Sky Student Accommodation

Are you looking for an affordable investment opportunity? Whether you’re looking to expand your portfolio, or enter into the property market, we have an exciting and exclusive opportunity through renowned property developers, Blue Sky.

Investing in purpose built student accommodation allows you as an investor the opportunity to participate in Australia’s largest non-resource export sector, Tertiary and Further Education. The benefit of this hugely rare opportunity is … Read more »

Positively geared investments vs. Negatively geared investments

If you’re in the property investment market, or hoping to be, you’ve very likely heard the terms ‘positive and negative gearing’. The two terms relate to different investment strategies, with different outcomes. What works for one investor may not work for another, so it’s important to look at your options based on your own individual needs or financial constraints.

So, what’s the difference between positive and negative … Read more »

Sydney’s next boom pocket

Gentrification is the process of improving an area to conform or be in line with middle-class taste. Traditionally occurring in low socioeconomic neighbourhoods, gentrification changes the face and landscape of suburbs from tired, worn and uninspiring to the modern market’s needs and wants.

Beneficial for buyers and investors, gentrified neighbourhoods offer affordability and a strong potential for significant capital growth. Redfern, Paddington and Woolloomooloo … Read more »