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4 fundamentals of building long term wealth

Building wealth is a very subjective term, what a large amount of money is to one person is totally different in the eyes of another. This article will be catered towards reaching the masses and how they can go about retiring with a healthy amount of income.

So for the average Joe who is not the next Mark Zuckerberg or young millionaire, pay attention. The 4 wealth … Read more »

The 5 most common property investment mistakes

The notion of property investing can seem like a very exciting form of money-making, especially after all the TV shows that showcase its glamorous side. Unfortunately this stereotype attracts a lot of naive beginners who make mistakes which could have been avoided with a little prior knowledge.

This article will outline some of the fundamental mistakes that property investors make when starting out, so be sure to … Read more »

Why you should invest in Newcastle

Located 160km north of Sydney’s CBD, the harbour city of Newcastle has so far escaped the astronomical prices that Sydney’s real estate market has become famous for.

However, with $6.5 billion in NSW Government funding set to reinvent this once industrial port city, Newcastle is on the verge of significant property price growth.

In this three-part series, we explore the reasons Newcastle is becoming the next … Read more »

How to secure a mortgage

You hear about people getting mortgage loans all the time, in fact, it seems to be the most talked about subject when it comes to buying a house and is spoken about in very casual manner. Unfortunately, this perspective can lead us not to know the first thing about mortgage loans and leads us to assume that it just “happens”.

The fact is, to secure a mortgage … Read more »

The power of leveraging property

It could be argued that the main reason people invest in property is to build wealth, right? It might seem like you need to already have huge amounts of savings before you can start investing in property, but that isn’t necessarily the case. While it is a good idea to have cash flow and money to fall back on, there are ways to use your money wisely to … Read more »

Unit block in Sydney

New Vs. Old: What’s the smarter investment?

Buying an investment property can be a conflicting process if we let our emotions takeover. When we buy an owner occupied home, it’s easy to get swept up on the aesthetics and nice-to-have’s. However an investment property is a different kettle of fish. It must be approached logically and rationally to ensure that you’re making a smart long-term financial decision. Although you personally may wish to purchase a new property … Read more »

Single income investors

How couples can invest with a single income

With property prices on the rise, it’s easy to assume that a couple with a single income can’t afford to invest in property. However, by putting the right strategy in place, having a clear set of objectives, and understanding the options available to you, couples on one income can invest in property effectively. Investing without having to separate bank accounts or consider individual budgets, a couple can use their joint … Read more »