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What landlords need to know about tenant rights and responsibilities

Being a landlord involves more than collecting rent and managing repairs. Over the years, the balance between tenant and landlord rights has been a constant pendulum swing; with both parties believing their rights could be improved.

As a landlord it’s imperative to understand both landlord and tenant rights and responsibilities. Knowing the process and protocol in your state will see you navigate your way around legislation correctly, ultimately staying away from … Read more »

6 things that can go wrong with property investing – and how to avoid them

No investment is risk free, so the more you know about the less glamorous aspects of being a property owner, the more likely you are to recover if things go wrong.

Understanding how to manage the various risks associated with being a landlord enables you to make the most of your portfolio.

If you’re prepared for all outcomes, small bumps in the road won’t knock you out of the game. Lisa Indge shares her … Read more »