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4 fundamentals of building long term wealth

Building wealth is a very subjective term, what a large amount of money is to one person is totally different in the eyes of another. This article will be catered towards reaching the masses and how they can go about retiring with a healthy amount of income.

So for the average Joe who is not the next Mark Zuckerberg or young millionaire, pay attention. The 4 wealth … Read more »

Are tenanted properties the right option for you?

Tenanted properties tend to have a reputation for being the investor’s jackpot. On the surface this may seem true, but this is where investors can get in trouble. Often times what may seem like a great opportunity can backfire horribly if not researched beforehand.

Although it seems like much of the work is already finished if a property is tenanted, this can very often be a negative. … Read more »

5 practical ways to boost rental yield

With rental property being a massive source of income for many individuals in Australia, the question of how to boost its income yield remains integral.

Fortunately for you, this article will outline some of the top methods of increasing your rental yield so that you don’t go missing out on the potential earnings that countless of other property owners do.


It is common knowledge that the … Read more »

The power of leveraging property

It could be argued that the main reason people invest in property is to build wealth, right? It might seem like you need to already have huge amounts of savings before you can start investing in property, but that isn’t necessarily the case. While it is a good idea to have cash flow and money to fall back on, there are ways to use your money wisely to … Read more »

Retiring with investment property

Retiring with investment property

What’s your retirement plan? With the average life expectancy getting longer every year, it means we all have to plan as best we can for our retirement, with the aim of being financially stable and secure long into our golden years. It’s more apparent now than ever before that our superannuation just isn’t going to be enough to fund the rest of our lives past retirement.

This is why more and … Read more »

Five key tips to manage a rent reduction

Over the past three to six months, the Sydney rental market has seen a shift in behaviour that we haven’t seen in some time. This shift could have implications for investors and it’s becoming increasingly important to understand the details behind this movement. In short, the Sydney rental market has plateaued, and we expect this trend of low or reduced rental growth will be the next phase in the property … Read more »

What landlords need to know about tenant rights and responsibilities

Being a landlord involves more than collecting rent and managing repairs. Over the years, the balance between tenant and landlord rights has been a constant pendulum swing; with both parties believing their rights could be improved.

As a landlord it’s imperative to understand both landlord and tenant rights and responsibilities. Knowing the process and protocol in your state will see you navigate your way around legislation correctly, ultimately staying away from … Read more »

6 tips to maximise your rental return

To keep a grounded view of the market and ensure you don’t lose quality tenants, consider following some simple steps to maximise your rental returns.

One step is to regularly review your rents and ensure they are at market levels, while giving tenants ample prior notice of rental increases. This will assist you in keeping your tenants content living in your investment property.

Multiply the average rental yield of comparable properties in … Read more »

10 renovations which quickly add value

When you start thinking about selling your property, it’s common to consider renovating. Renovating to increase the value of your home can be tricky, and costly. You don’t want to overspend on things that won’t increase value, or under deliver in the areas and rooms that really matter.
Here are 10 easy renovation ideas that instantly increase your property’s value, including painting your interior and updating your patio.
Read the … Read more »

Top tips for boosting your rental income through improvements

Many investors believe renovation projects are the best way to increase their rental returns. Yet simple DIY improvements can also push up the rent you receive at a fraction of the cost. Industry experts reveal their top tips for higher rental rewards in an article in Smart Property Investment.

1. Scope out the competition

Before embarking on a home improvement mission, investors need to understand how their property measures up to those of their … Read more »