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How to pick the right tenant for your investment property

You’ve got a great investment property, you love it and you want it to be loved and cared for by the people who live there, right? Seems straightforward enough, but choosing the right tenant for your investment property isn’t always easy. It’s a decision that needs to be carefully and fairly executed.

So who is your ideal tenant? Simply someone that pays rent on time? To have … Read more »

Rental property in tenant market

5 tips for landlords in a tenant’s market

Rental rates in Australia are falling at the fastest pace ever recorded. According to the latest Rent Review Snapshot, the average rental rate in Australia’s capital cities has fallen by 0.3% in just 12 months. This may be great news for renters, however landlords are now feeling the pressure to meet market values, and it is to their detriment. Despite the current state of the market being … Read more »