Fractional investing is the new way to invest in property for Australians

For anyone not in the industry of property investment, the concept of fractional investing may seem foreign to you. Unlike the conventional process of the investor owning a property whilst receiving rent from a tenant, fractional investing involves the investor owning just a portion of the property.  

The benefit of this method is purely financial, the investors return on rent is in direct proportion to their fraction of the property. Many individuals do not have the means to make such large investments in properties, and as a result use fractional investment as an alternative.

Low start up fees

With fractional investing, you can literally start with as low as $75 and own part of a property. Although this is a low entry, you do miss out on some of the benefits that traditional investing involves. Factors such as in person inspections are not included with low investments, rather you just gain a slice of the returns.

It’s no surprise that with the opportunity of low risk, fractional investing is attracting a lot of young people. With the Australian market as expensive as it is, this form of investing targets a very large market of people who desire to put their money to good use, but cannot afford absurd prices or don’t want to take massive risks.

Where to find fractional investing platforms

Like other forms of investing, there are different mediums through which you can operate to succeed in fractional investing. BrickX and DomaCom are two of the main companies in Australia that allow you to invest in fractions with there own unique advantages.


With a minimum requirement of only $100, the BrickX online service allows you to buy “Bricks” in a unit trust. Bricks as labeled by the company allow the individual holder to receive returns in proportion to their investment, they can be compared to shares. The notable benefit of this being is that there is no minimum holding and the investor is able to list there bricks for sale whenever they want.


With a Managed Investment Scheme structure, Domacom allows investors to invest in properties using not only fractional, but crowd funding methods also. The company has quite a low minimum entry at $75 and is regulated as a managed fund. One of the unique aspects of this company is that they offer a bookbuild process that allows investors to collect their funds together and invest in any of the hot properties in Australia.

With the Australian property market still showing high prices and not giving any signs of reversing as of yet, fractional investing has nowhere to go but up. Society at large and young people in general can barely afford the demands of the market, let alone spending their money on a full property for the purposes of investing. Fractional property investing is just beginning in terms of its popularity, and may be the next mainstream way for Australians to invest. Keen to know more about fractional investing? Contact us today.

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