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4 fundamentals of building long term wealth

Building wealth is a very subjective term, what a large amount of money is to one person is totally different in the eyes of another. This article will be catered towards reaching the masses and how they can go about retiring with a healthy amount of income.

So for the average Joe who is not the next Mark Zuckerberg or young millionaire, pay attention. The 4 wealth … Read more »

Investing with a mortgage to pay

The decision of where to put your money tends to be one of the most important in today’s society. People will often spend their money for financial peace of mind on things such as mortgages, instead of securing a wealthy future with activities such as investing.

Although this seems like an ultimatum between the two, the truth is that you can be involved in both. This article … Read more »

Why protecting your assets is more important now than ever

With the number of lawsuits and similar cases showing up in Australia, subjects such as protecting ones assets are increasingly becoming more important. Anyone knowledgeable about the subject knows that Australia is unfortunately one of the more litigious countries in the world.

Although unfortunate, it is a fact that frivolous lawsuits are an issue and people are taking advantage of our legal system. Wealth can be acquired … Read more »

5 important lessons from an experienced property investor

Whether you’re a beginner or experienced property investor, there is no better way to expand your knowledge of the industry than to learn from people who have already been where you want to go.

The 5 tips in this article are foundational life lessons of those who have crossed the property investing path before:

Head over heart

Like poker players, experienced property investors all know to leave … Read more »

Fractional investing is the new way to invest in property for Australians

For anyone not in the industry of property investment, the concept of fractional investing may seem foreign to you. Unlike the conventional process of the investor owning a property whilst receiving rent from a tenant, fractional investing involves the investor owning just a portion of the property.  

The benefit of this method is purely financial, the investors return on rent is in direct proportion to their … Read more »

The 5 most common property investment mistakes

The notion of property investing can seem like a very exciting form of money-making, especially after all the TV shows that showcase its glamorous side. Unfortunately this stereotype attracts a lot of naive beginners who make mistakes which could have been avoided with a little prior knowledge.

This article will outline some of the fundamental mistakes that property investors make when starting out, so be sure to … Read more »

What to expect from a high-end apartment

High-end apartment renters tend to have an image in their mind as to what they are going to get in return for their significant investment. Whether these expectations are realistic, it is never a bad idea to receive insight as to what the actual reality is whether it’s better or worse than your assumptions.

If there is one thing for sure, it is that high-end renters want … Read more »

More Sydney suburbs have a median house value of $2 million than a median value under $600,000

Source: CoreLogic

We take a retrospective look at median dwelling values across the suburbs of Australia to show the deterioration of more affordable housing across the capital cities.

A retrospective look at median dwelling values across the suburbs of Australia shows the bracket creep that has occurred over the current growth cycle, highlighting the deterioration of more affordable housing across the capital cities over the past five years.

At the end … Read more »

Stamp duty: what is it and what do I need to know?

When you purchase a property, you are required to pay numerous fees and charges up front. One of these is stamp duty, and is payable on almost all property purchases.

What is stamp duty?

Stamp duty is a tax, charged by the government, from the sale of a property. It covers the costs of things like changing and transferring the title and ownership of the property. Each … Read more »

How to pick the right tenant for your investment property

You’ve got a great investment property, you love it and you want it to be loved and cared for by the people who live there, right? Seems straightforward enough, but choosing the right tenant for your investment property isn’t always easy. It’s a decision that needs to be carefully and fairly executed.

So who is your ideal tenant? Simply someone that pays rent on time? To have … Read more »