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Why protecting your assets is more important now than ever

With the number of lawsuits and similar cases showing up in Australia, subjects such as protecting ones assets are increasingly becoming more important. Anyone knowledgeable about the subject knows that Australia is unfortunately one of the more litigious countries in the world.

Although unfortunate, it is a fact that frivolous lawsuits are an issue and people are taking advantage of our legal system. Wealth can be acquired … Read more »

Fractional investing is the new way to invest in property for Australians

For anyone not in the industry of property investment, the concept of fractional investing may seem foreign to you. Unlike the conventional process of the investor owning a property whilst receiving rent from a tenant, fractional investing involves the investor owning just a portion of the property.  

The benefit of this method is purely financial, the investors return on rent is in direct proportion to their … Read more »

Spotlight on: Greater Springfield, Brisbane – part 3

Missed Part 2 of our Greater Springfield series? Read it here.

Just east of Ipswich, and within a half hour drive of Brisbane’s CBD, lies Greater Springfield – one of Australia’s most ambitious master-planned cities.

With two rail stations, and direct, non-stop access to Brisbane airport, Greater Springfield’s vision is to become a world-class regional city and services hub by 2030. … Read more »

Who is the Australian property market’s typical investor?

Contrary to the image a property investor might conjure up – a wealthy full-time property speculator –  most residential investors in Australia don’t actually rely on it as their primary source of income.

In reality, Australia’s residential investment market is dominated by people who, having bought their own home, have moved onto buying an investment property. These small-scale investors own 83 per cent of all investment properties…. Read more »

Why investors are turning to dual occupancy properties

Investors are increasingly looking to dual occupancy properties to capitalise in an environment where prices continue to rise. This property style allows for economies of scale during the building process and requires that you only purchase one block of land to acquire two income streams.

What is a dual occupancy property?

A dual occupancy property offers two incomes to an investor by way of two separate living spaces … Read more »

Renovating vs. Improving: What’s worth it?

As an investment property owner, it’s important to find the balance between maximising your property’s value and your cash flow. If you invest in the property through renovating you could potentially increase your equity, allowing you to reinvest or increase your rental capacity or capital growth. However, any money spent on your property will ultimately affect your cash flow. So, before you upgrade your investment property, understanding the … Read more »

First home buyer? Here are 4 mistakes to avoid

Although at first glance buying your first home may seem exciting, it is not always so easy and can lead to a lot of stress and mixed emotions. Besides the obvious financial hassle, your family and friends are all pulling you left and right in regards to what to do, much of which is uninformed and outdated advice.

The decision may be one of the biggest financial … Read more »

More Sydney suburbs have a median house value of $2 million than a median value under $600,000

Source: CoreLogic

We take a retrospective look at median dwelling values across the suburbs of Australia to show the deterioration of more affordable housing across the capital cities.

A retrospective look at median dwelling values across the suburbs of Australia shows the bracket creep that has occurred over the current growth cycle, highlighting the deterioration of more affordable housing across the capital cities over the past five years.

At the end … Read more »

Stamp duty: what is it and what do I need to know?

When you purchase a property, you are required to pay numerous fees and charges up front. One of these is stamp duty, and is payable on almost all property purchases.

What is stamp duty?

Stamp duty is a tax, charged by the government, from the sale of a property. It covers the costs of things like changing and transferring the title and ownership of the property. Each … Read more »

Blue Sky Student Accommodation

Are you looking for an affordable investment opportunity? Whether you’re looking to expand your portfolio, or enter into the property market, we have an exciting and exclusive opportunity through renowned property developers, Blue Sky.

Investing in purpose built student accommodation allows you as an investor the opportunity to participate in Australia’s largest non-resource export sector, Tertiary and Further Education. The benefit of this hugely rare opportunity is … Read more »